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Metals are useful tangible materials of intrinsic tradable value which for thousands of years many have sought to obtain and control.  In their wisdom, the American founding fathers wisely wrote into the US Constitution that the new Nation was have its own Sovereign Currency based on the stability and value of select metals for the security and independence of its people from those who would want to control them. Fast Forward a century and couple decades later: where many believe a long term diabolical plan was put in place by the then extremely powerful wealthy to eventually separate the people from these Sovereign Currency Assets to then control the people, the government and all trade as now being lived out. 
~~ "Give me the right to issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who governs the country.” Meyer Amschal Rothschild, International banker. ~~

Whether you believe this or not, one thing is for certain. America no longer has a sovereign asset based currency backed by precious metals as we have moved (or taken over) to a debt based fiat currency through the Independent Private Banking System called the Federal Reserve which is NOT USA Federal and has NO Reserves.  We are NO longer on the Gold Standard where our currency was backed by real Gold and Silver, nor are pennies even being made out of copper any longer.

The metals discussed here play an important dual role for both their normal use and now more than ever, as a valuable commodity and hedge against fiat currency debasement and inflation.  This alone can make your experience gathered through the work of metals more valuable now and in the future as real security in things of real tangible trading asset value. For a moment consider the power grid down from any one of a thousand reasons from major solar flare, EMP attack, Neucular melt down.  What good are your electronic bank credits or cards? What good are ANY electronic records of ownership now invisible?

About Metal Spot Prices: The spot price of metals is based on paper contracts for delivery of tons of pure metal ingots. When you're not prepared to pay for and take delivery of tons of metal, that spot price will quickly become a huge understatement of the real price of that metal. When you want to buy just a few pounds of copper for example, you're looking at substantially higher prices, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x more. Moreover, once you own physical copper ingots / bullion, make absolutely sure you never sell for the spot price of copper. That's because it's hard to get investment / ingot grade copper or any metal in physical form without paying for it, so you've got something special on your hands and make sure to extract the full value when you're selling and understand the reverse when buying! (Our personal opinion: A sure way to fast wealth... Don't sell and hold for the long term.  If selling.. Get Top $)

For Your Security in Life Knowing the Truth is Important.
We support information for all, not just the few.

Casting Objects - Ingots - Bullion, Can be a productive and profitable endeavor when done knowledgeably.
For simplicity sake on such a deep topic which can span volumes of information this page will only deal with common foundry metals in the low to mid range melting zones under 2,000 ◦F / 1093.3 ◦C as shown below.

To learn more about these metals click on the Green Listed Element or Metal Name at page bottom.  Your results will be shown below under the selection chart.  Our Foundry Furnaces are designed to melt the metals in the green sections.

Elements Symbol Melting Point Fahrenheit Boiling Point
Fahrenheit / Celsius
Melting Point Celsius
Pewter © 338-446  * 2847 F \  1564 C 170-230
Tin Sn 450 4716 F \ 2602 C 232
Lead Pb 621 3180 F \ 1749 C 327
Zinc Zn 786 1665 °F \ 907 °C 419
Aluminum Al 1218 4566 F \ 2519 C 659
Bronze (90 Cu 10 Sn) Cu+Sn 1562-832 * 4643 F \ 2562 C 850-1000
Brass (85 Cu 15 Zn) Cu+Zn 1652-1724 * 1665 °F \ 907 °C 900-940
Silver Ag 1762 3924 F \ 2162 C 961
Gold Au 1946 5173 F \  2856 C 1063
Copper Cu 1981 4643 F \  2562 C 1083
Cast Iron C+Si+Mn+Fe 2300   1260
Manganese Mn 2300   1260
Monel Ni+Cu+Si 2400   1301
Steel-High Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2500   1353
Inconel Ni+Cr+Fe 2540   1393
Stainless Steel Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2550   1363
Silicon Si 2588   1420
Medium Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2600   1427
Nickel Ni 2646   1452
Low Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2700   1464
Iron Fe 2786   1530
Chromium Cr 3034   1615
Titanium Ti 3263   1795
Tungsten W 5432   3000
Carbon C 6512   3600
* Alloy Metal - Boiling Point of listed by lowest metal of combined metals in the allow mixture.




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