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The Foundry Zone provides a DIY Pro Tools (Do It Yourself) and a Free Information Center for Metal Casting and How to Scrap Metal Recycling for Raw Material and Cash Business Profits. 

Learn "what is casting" or "Al Casting" and how to get "cash for" Aluminum / Aluminium, Copper (cu), Brass metal scrap by refining using your own Propane Furnace (foundry furnace / melting furnace) "saving money" and being your own recycling center.  The Foundry is a place where you can have fun making money turning scrap into cash, bullion, ingots and useful or decorative metal casting for work or hobby. Click to Learn Money Making Foundry SecretsMetals, give form, structure, support, design and are an asset value in themselves to buy, recycle, and trade with. Foundry work is just one of the many ways to shape, form and utilize these important materials to your needs. Save and Make Money using this rare skill few people know and others need, including how to Forge Metals and Kiln Materials.  Fix, Repair, Create and Sell Metal Objects and Raw Materials Ingots to Bullion.  Read More...

Learn what only the few know about metals also being a Valuable Commodity and true security hedge against paper and digital fiat currency.  Make hundreds of percents of investment returns in Recycling Metals into much needed raw materials and tradable metals should currencies debase or default.  Read More...

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Welcome to The Foundry Zone!

For thousands of years, metal working and casting has shaped the world as it still does today.

Out of all the ways metal can be worked, none is as fundamental as simple melting, pouring, casting. Many of the metals around you including the ring on your finger and piston in you cars engine is done this way.

Once metal is cast into one of a infinite variety of shapes, you can then go on to shape, decorate, manipulate it even more. The best part is when not needed any more... you can melt it down and start all over again!

Here you can find some of the tools of the trade including some basic knowledge about foundry casting, metals, supplies, safety, of course... making money.


If you're looking for a way to make money or save money then small scale foundry work can help from recycling scrap metals to valuable ingots, making or repairing metal parts, to creating desirable objects people want to buy and own.

Did you know people are paying top dollar for base metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver bullion as a hedge against fake fiat currency which depreciates and is in risk of collapse? 

Lost Foam Casting
Click> Foam cutting

Metal Casting objects for Profit, Hobby, or Pleasure can be very rewarding.  From custom belt buckles, jewelry, to art work all you need are the tools and know how and some imagination.

The simplest method is by sand casting impressions filling a empty shaped cavity with molten metal or replacing a form encased in sand by lost foam or lost wax process.   Read More...

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Casting Copper As $$... IF?

Copper (poor mans gold), a popular casting metal, is also one of mankind’s oldest traded metals going back thousands of years B.C.. Recently a new niche opportunity has opened up with the rise in the price of the base metal Copper. Copper bullion has seen it's value rise as it's use in domestic and electrical components has outstripped supply. As precious metals such as Gold and Silver rise also so does Copper Bullion Bars. Recycling junk Copper parts, motors, plumbing, wire, etc,. then cast into Bullion Bars can be more profitable then buying Gold on a return on investment percentage. Read More...

Proline Multi-Purpose Foundry Casting Melting Furnace, Forge & Kiln
Propane Gas - 2,400 Degree max - Large Hearth
Torch and Chamber Pedestal Included.
Features: Hi-Temp Ceramic Chamber Core Coating and Engineered Swirl Flame Design with Stand.- $795.00 Zero Down Up To 6 Months To Pay with Paypal  

Hi-Temp Ceramic Core Casting Foundry Furnace - Click for more details A MUST HAVE FOR:
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